WordPress Login – Client Access

The WordPress Login plugin – Client Access, is by far my most personally used plugin. Client Access allows me to lock down a WordPress website by IP, universal password, user role, or any combination of the three.

WordPress Login – Client Access, why?

A good question is why did I choose to write another “WordPress login plugin”. Considering ZM AJAX Login Register is becoming popular. Simple. I wanted to lock down an entire website. I did not want to customize the WordPress login.

Once the plugin is installed, configuration is nothing more than enabling the settings. They are;

  • Allow by IP address (personal favorite)
  • Allow by universal password
  • Allow by WordPress user role

After configuration Client Access allows me to lock down an entire website. No content is displayed. Ever. None. Exactly what I want.


As with all my initial releases Client Access is available for free on WordPress.org. Do not hesitate. Visit the WordPress plugin repository and give it a try.

Really, free?

With Client Access, I decided to do something different. Considering I enjoy writing WordPress plugins. Either for fun, or to provide functionality that does not exists. Client Access has a series of add-ons. All are $5. Yes, $5.

The decision was based on making the core plugin simple. Less settings as possible. No “feature bloat”.

Want it even cheaper? Use the discount code “BLOGPOSTCA” and receive 50% off when purchasing all add-on’s!

How is access granted?

Here is where the fun begins. With the Request Access add-on the following happens to allow access;

  1. Client clicks “request access”.
  2. They fill out and submit the form.
  3. I receive an email containing; their message, email, and IP that they are requesting access.
  4. I simply reply to the email by clicking a link in the email.
  5. They receive an email notifying they are now allowed access.

At anytime I can login to the WordPress admin, visit the settings and change their access. Simple.

Test the demo today!