WordPress Gallery Plugin – Quick Gallery

Quick Gallery – A WordPress gallery plugin that was created during the build of my premier Easy Digital Downloads theme, Cohesion.

A WordPress Gallery Plugin – Quick Gallery

What I was in search of was away to quickly show the larger product images that are in a gallery. I did not want the functionality “baked” into the theme. Other plugins either provided too much functionality or not the functionality I wanted.

I opted to create a small WordPress plugin, and release it on WordPress. Quick Gallery is available on WordPress.org today!

Quick Gallery provides your visitors a simple way to view the large version of a thumbnail. All they have to do is hover over the thumbnail, and the larger image is displayed. Simple. Quick Gallery also leverages WordPress’ built in gallery features. Most do not know exists. Such as;

  • Number of columns (thumbnails to display in a row)
  • Link to the image, attachment page, or none

Quick Gallery – Settings

As do all my plugins, Quick Gallery leverages the custom WordPress settings API wrapper – Quilt. So you can ensure the settings follow WordPress’ standards, and are easily accessible in a familiar interface.

Quick Gallery -- Settings
The Quick Gallery settings as seen in the WordPress admin.

Quick Gallery – Design

The design is simple. Quick Gallery is designed to inherit the majority of its layout from your current theme. Quick Gallery also provides its own responsive design.

Quick Gallery
Quick Gallery as seen in the standard WordPress theme 2015.


Quick Gallery
Quick Gallery as seen in Cohesion

You can view a full demo of Quick Gallery on the Cohesion demo website.