Westport Market

Away from the black screen with multi-colored text, away from the math symbols, and curly brackets. Towards the pencil, and paper. The starting point for all ideas. I was designing the Westport Farmers Market Logo.

Select Lounge — Sample logos, 2009

I seldom take on design only projects. Actually the last logo project I took on was in 2009 for Baltimore’s premier upscale nightclub, Select Lounge. Note they have since changed their logo.

Technology has changed much since 2009. Yet, my design process stayed true. A dot grid note pad, and a Derwent Graphic pencil is what was needed. I took the idea from paper, and then later to Adobe Illustrator.



Westport Farmers Market Logo

The logo spanned many mediums, from; business cards, t-shirts, hand painted wooden signs with the use of stencils, and vinyl prints. It was enjoyable to see my artwork printed on a variety  of mediums.


I do keep my schedule open for select art projects. Feel free to inquire. Long before I became a developer, I was an artist.