Using zM AJAX Login & Register with BuddyPress

Earlier today we had an excellent support forum question regarding using zM AJAX Login & Register with BuddyPress.  Specifically, the login portion of our plugin with an existing BuddyPress site.

The forum user wanted to do the following:

  • Did not want to enable Registration
  • Only enable Login


Be sure that you disable registration. Go to your general settings and be sure the box “Anyone can register” is not selected.



Be sure that you do not have a register handle, a menu page for registration, nor a menu page for login handle. Since BuddyPress comes already equipped with a login function, if you want to add the login to menus, you can add it using the dashboard.


If you do not want to add the additional login menu option, leave blank.

No BuddyPress Login Menu


Add the BuddyPress Id to the Login-handle portion under Advance usage of AJAX Login & Register settings.  This will allow you to use our plugin as the login when users visit your site. To find the BuddyPress ID , you can inspect the element or use the ID below (as it is the default).




This is what final product should look like. User should only be asked to login.

Login only enabled using BuddyPress

Notes on our Pro Version development

We’re currently working on additional features to make the plugin more accessible and useful to the WordPress community. One of the features we’re working on is making the BuddyPress integration experience more user friendly–with other security features we believe our users will love.

Stay tune, and until next time.