Using Exiv2 to life Image Metadata

Note exiv2 is only available on 64-bit

While working on the upcoming plugin at Graph Paper Press I came across a nifty  package called exiv2which basically reads image meta information, such as City, State, Keywords, Copyright, Software, Lens, etc.

I quickly installed the package on one of my play servers and exported a few photographs of this past BMX race season from my Aperture library. In no time I was on the shell “grepping” away at the metadata.

Below are a few sample commands.

Flags thrown

-P (usage -PXnt)
E = Exif
n = tag name
t = translated data


Note keywords, city, province/state

[gist id=”2067873″]

XMP Data

Note the lens information.

[gist id=”2067880″]

Exif Data

And of course our basic Exif data.

[gist id=”2067884″]

Lens Info

[gist id=”2067889″]

The End.