USHYEE – A leader in hispanic youth entrepreneur education allowed us the privilege of delivering their online presence.

As part of Verizons’ “crea futuro” (create a future), campaign USHYEE was in need of several services to push their web identity forward. We sat down for a meeting, shared a vision, and began our role in helping them communicate with their audience.

The package we proposed included:

  • Custom WordPress theme development
  • Custom WordPress plugin development
  • Art direction
  • Brand cohesion
  • Content strategy & SEO

USHYEE WordPress Theme Development

As a seasoned WordPress and PHP developer the theme was developed to meet all of today’s modern day standards. A design that is responsive enough to accommodate mobile devices, semantic & valid markup, and supported WordPress’ native features.

Additionally, the theme had the following custom features:

  • Admin editor styles – Allowed the WordPress admin editor to closely match the front-end styles.
  • Custom page templates – These provided unique layouts in addition to the typical one-column, and two-column layouts.

USHYEE WordPress Plugin Development

Various 3rd party services were integrated. Care was taken to ensure that as much functionality as possible was separated from the theme. When an applicable plugin was not used, we created one.

The 3rd party services integrated are:

  • Constant Contact
  • Google RSS
  • PayPal Pro

Additionally, a custom form generator was created. The ever so popular Gravity Forms was considered. We went with a custom solution that collected specific information, and allowed exporting as a CSV.

Art direction

Our client wanted a unique design. They did not want an off-the-shelf design. We provided them with a design that utilized their brand colors, and a typeface that symbolized maturity. We delivered.

Some of the designs are as follows:

USHYEE – Home page with callout.
USHYEE – Home page with callout.
USHYEE – Full page design.
USHYEE – Full page design.
USHYEE – Standard two-column layout.
USHYEE – Standard two-column layout.

We didn’t end our design experience with just a theme. We also provided brand cohesion.

A unified Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube account was also provided. Each account used select photographs from their stock, with subtle enhancements, and placement to best depict their vision.

Content Strategy & SEO

Diana lead the content strategy & SEO part. Existing articles we’re tailored to meet todays SEO suggestions. Pages that changed URLs were redirected accordingly. Additional content was created, and their massive stock photography was utilized.

Together, me & Diana worked as a team on this project. Providing a website and web presence we are both proud of. Most importantly one that is informative for others.