I was tapped for my strict, yet artisan influenced WordPress theme development talent. A design was in place, a WordPress theme started, the handoff was in place, and vision clear.

Working With Taproot, building Just Neighbors

During the summer I had the opportunity to work on a project with a highly dedicated team. Together we worked on “providing hope through immigration legal services”, the project is Just Neighbors from the Taproot Foundation.

My services included:

  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Input on key WordPress services

WordPress Theme Development

As my past projects have included WordPress theme design services, this project was strictly WordPress theme development. What I enjoyed in this project was the opportunity to inherit another developers design. Porting projects into WordPress can be a joy in and of itself. Especially, when your client raves over the WordPress admin. There is also added joy, in communicating weekly with a team as driven as the Taproot foundation.

With the original design in place, and HTML/CSS files already created, my services included porting an existing HTML/CSS design into WordPress. Just Neighbors.

Key WordPress Services

Having several years of experience, ranging from a career in advertising, to helping a successful WordPress theme shop support a quarter of a million customers. They knew I had knowledge to share.

We shared past experiences that proved detrimental for venting WordPress plugins, best practices, and delegation.

Interested in having your next website design ported into a WordPress theme?