Flat WordPress Theme Styles For Carrier!

We’re pleased to announce our latest update for Carrier includes 5 new flat WordPress theme styles! The flat theme styles we’ve creatively crafted are;

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Autumn – perfect for those hues of brown, amber, and burnt orange
Clear Skies –whats more to be said about the trusted, “true blue” so many companies adhere to, Neutral – light grays and even lighter lights ;)
Nightfall – for those darker themes, or those just wanting a higher contrast
Summer – a warm orange, an exciting red, and a bright yellow.

Those 5 styles make up our new line-up of flat theme styles for Carrier, and as a bonus we’ve added a very basic style called, Basic. Including the existing styles, that makes 8 styles in total to choose from! We’re sure you can find the perfect match for your existing WordPress theme. If not where here to help you get the perfect fit.

New Styles Support Various Subscription Form Layouts

All of recently added, an existing styles support a single email subscription field, where the visitor only has to enter the email address, and they automatically opt-in for the newsletter. Additionally they support having multiple required fields, i.e., first name, last name, etc., and allow for the visitor to select a single or multiple newsletter list to subscribe to.

View Our Flat WordPress Theme Styles For Carrier Below

Flat WordPress Theme Style: Nightfall
Flat WordPress Theme Style: Clear Skies
Clear Skies
Flat WordPress Theme Style: Nightfall
Flat WordPress Theme Style: Autumn
Flat WordPress Theme: Summer

This one isn’t quit flat, but should be basic enough to first most themes!

Bonus WordPress Theme Style: Basic
The bonus WordPress theme style: Basic, for Carrier.

If you haven’t already done so, be sure to head over to Constant Contact and sign-up for an account so you can use Carrier to build your email subscription list, view the Carrier demo, or visit Carrier in our store!