Product Announcement

Announcing our latest WordPress themes and plugins

A WordPress Settings API Wrapper

Quilt & Lumber -- A WordPress settings API Wrapper.
Quilt & Lumber — A WordPress settings API Wrapper.

Some time ago I built a plugin with settings. I used the WordPress settings API. It was daunting, and repetitive. I built more plugins, which also had settings. As any developer, I was tired of doing repetitive tasks, and decided to write a wrapper for the WordPress settings API.

View the complete sample plugin on GitHub using Quilt & Lumber: A WordPress Settings API wrapper.

But, first a search…GitHub, and Google

A quick GitHub search for “WordPress settings” turned up a no longer supported WordPress settings API frame work. While a Google search resulted in a in a popular blog post, which I’ll summarize with a quote:

Even so, I don’t think creating wrappers, or writing frameworks on top of it are necessarily the best way to go about solving the problem, either. –Tom Mcfarlin

Meanwhile every popular WordPress plugin uses some form of custom settings wrapper. Be it Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), where all settings are assigned via an array, and then linked to a custom function form field callback.

Carrier a WordPress Email Subscription Plugin

We’re proud to announce our latest addition to our line-up of products, Carrier a WordPress Email subscription plugin. With Carrier you can easily, and quickly create a custom email subscription form for your WordPress site, with Constant Contact integration.

Our initial release of Carrier includes; the ability to create custom forms, four basic form designs, multiple ways to display the forms, and is available in Spanish.

Feel free to view the fully working demo of Carrier, complete with custom forms, different display options, and screenshots of the admin settings. Or go directly to our store and purchase Carrier today.

Announcing Pelham a Logic-Oriented Theme for The Inner Perfectionist

Click here to view the demo of the Pelham theme.

Pelham is a logic-oriented theme with exceptional WordPress admin integration and a clean design for the inner perfectionist. Pelham focuses on making you work smarter not harder.

The theme integrates a professional seamless look and feel while allowing you to take advantage of what WordPress has to offer. Instead of adding superfluous hurdles to theme customization options, users are one click away from tailoring their theme via the WordPress admin. The theme deducts confusion and frustration and fuses intelligently with WordPress core.

Pelham’s Formidable Features

Galleries and Images

By adjusting WordPress’ gallery column setting, you can have up to 9 columns, thus giving your galleries a unique look and feel.

A sample gallery with 4 columns.
A sample gallery with 4 columns.


A sample gallery with 9 columns.
A sample gallery with 9 columns.

Once images are set to link to their respective attachment page they are shown in a shadow box style layout. Linking your images to the attachment page provide your visitors direct links to share.


Logical WordPress Theme Customizer Integration


Why not leverage a UI that is intuitive, provides live preview, and part of core WordPress?

Thats what Pelham does with its Theme Customizer support. No need to re-learn clunky theme options or theme settings. With Theme Customizer you can customize the WordPress defaults, which are; title and tagline, colors, header image, background image, assign custom navigation, and set a static front page. Pelham extends the customizer by adding the following:

  • Site title – Change the background and text color or replace the title with your own custom logo
  • Text Colors – Change the text color, link color and hover color along with the page background color
  • Width – Set the width of your website
  • Additional CSS – Skilled enough to write your own CSS code? No problem just use the textarea in the customizer!

Fully Supported Editor Styles

Ever wondered why the editor isn’t always “what you see is what you get?” Pelham fully supports Editor Styles. The styling you see on the front-end of your website is the same styling you’ll see when editing content in the editor.


Responsive, Seamless and Clean Design



Want a One-column, or Two-column Layout?

Its understood that not everyone wants to be forced into a two-column layout. With Pelham’s responsive design changing from a one-column layout to a two-column layout is as easy as adding widgets.


Custom Page Not Found


Occasionally users land on your “Page Not Found” without engagement. Pelham channels users towards content you’ve added via your WordPress widgets.

Additional Features

Pelham supports: widget’s in the right sidebar, custom menu’s, featured images, threaded comments, post formats – quote, gallery, image, aside, link, chat, and is translation ready.