General WordPress Plugin Development

In July I presented a WordPress Plugin Workshop at Betamore on “General WordPress Plugin Development”. Slides are now available as a PDF for download below. The sample code presented consisted of actions hooks and filters, translations, and plugin settings; these are also available for download via GitHub.

General WordPress Plugin Development – Intro

It was great being able to present on General WordPress Plugin Development at Betamore, which is right in our own backyard, Baltimore! Betamore provides a prime shared co-working space, along with various tech related courses and networking events. It is a must visit for any techie or entrepreneur in or around the Baltimore or Washington D.C., area.

Some of the topics covered:

  • Plugin vs. Theme – What goes where
  • Creating a Plugin – Where to start
  • Creating Custom Settings – Detailing the WordPress Settings API
  • Maintainable Code – Contributor friendly, actions & filters, documentation

The after hours presentation went over well, with lots of hands on practice, and a mini Q&A session.

General WordPress Plugin Development – Material

Below you’ll find the links to download the presentation as a PDF, along with the links to the GitHub repository for each lesson/activity that was given.

Note that each sample code provided in the repository is shown as a WordPress plugin.

Upcoming WordPress Plugin Development Workshops

Although we don’t have anything scheduled at Betamore, there are various events happening in and around Baltimore relating to WordPress. Such as; WordCamp Baltimore (October 18, 2014, University of Baltimore) and php[world], (November 10–14, Washington D.C.).

The php[world] conference is a 5 day event and a great opportunity to learn, network, and have an enjoyable time in Washington D.C. A quick look at the php[world] schedule shows there’s no shortage of WordPress sessions. I’m excited to teach a training day, “Developing On WordPress”.

Hope to see you there!

WordPress Plugin Workshop at Betamore

On July 22, Zane will be presenting a General WordPress plugin development workshop at Betamore, an incubator located in Federal Hill, Baltimore.

The workshop will be a great opportunity for developers interested in creating their own WordPress plugin. Interested participants can visit Betamore’s website to learn more.

What attendees should anticipate

The workshop will demystify some of the  misconceptions of a WordPress Theme vs. Plugin. Also, allow attendees to become more familiarized with the development process. It will be hands-on workshop and attendees are encouraged to bring their laptops.

-Zane Kolnik

Workshop details:

Title: General WordPress Plugin Development
Date: Tuesday, July 22, 2014
Time: 5:30-7:30 p.m.

RSVP here

Celebrating Our First Free WordPress Theme Milestones…

This May 2014 we launched our first WordPress Theme called Pelham. Since its release, we’ve been paying attention to downloads. We celebrated at the 5oo download mark, and then again when we crossed the 1,000 download threshold.

Here are the reasons why we’re so thrilled:

  1. Pelham is our first free published WordPress Theme, and so far the feedback has been constructive.
    1. Theme Grade Report Card: The folks on Theme Grade focus on grading Themes and will give you a report card according to their metrics which they use as a standard for all themes reviewed.  We were fortunate to have Pelham reviewed and obtained feedback on areas for improvement. Pelham received an overall 87% grade.
    2. We made the list at Pelham featured in list of top Free WordPress Themes for 2014.
    3. Feedback helps us improve current and future development. Theme Grade’s report card for instance, highlighted gaps that we will be addressing in future Pelham updates and future Theme Development.
  2. In the spirit of continual growth and improvement, launching Pelham highlighted the need for us to make internal changes on how we manage customer support.  We’re revamping our in-house support (but that’s another blogpost) which we believe is also a major milestone for the company and to the many users that have downloaded our plugins and Pelham.  It will allow us to have a central place for customer support and allow us to enhance our communication with users.
  3. Milestones enlighten our purpose as Theme and Plugin Developers. Bottom line, we want to create themes we will use, vouch and be accountable for by our users.
    1. Pelham was created initially as an in-house theme for but evolved into a Theme we wanted to share with others. Brainstorming what we wanted in Pelham transformed into features we also believed others would enjoy.  At the end of the WordPress Theme approval process, we were elated to learn Pelham had passed. Most importantly, we understand that in order to produce something worthwhile, we need to be our first customers.


Announcing Pelham a Logic-Oriented Theme for The Inner Perfectionist

Click here to view the demo of the Pelham theme.

Pelham is a logic-oriented theme with exceptional WordPress admin integration and a clean design for the inner perfectionist. Pelham focuses on making you work smarter not harder.

The theme integrates a professional seamless look and feel while allowing you to take advantage of what WordPress has to offer. Instead of adding superfluous hurdles to theme customization options, users are one click away from tailoring their theme via the WordPress admin. The theme deducts confusion and frustration and fuses intelligently with WordPress core.

Pelham’s Formidable Features

Galleries and Images

By adjusting WordPress’ gallery column setting, you can have up to 9 columns, thus giving your galleries a unique look and feel.

A sample gallery with 4 columns.
A sample gallery with 4 columns.


A sample gallery with 9 columns.
A sample gallery with 9 columns.

Once images are set to link to their respective attachment page they are shown in a shadow box style layout. Linking your images to the attachment page provide your visitors direct links to share.


Logical WordPress Theme Customizer Integration


Why not leverage a UI that is intuitive, provides live preview, and part of core WordPress?

Thats what Pelham does with its Theme Customizer support. No need to re-learn clunky theme options or theme settings. With Theme Customizer you can customize the WordPress defaults, which are; title and tagline, colors, header image, background image, assign custom navigation, and set a static front page. Pelham extends the customizer by adding the following:

  • Site title – Change the background and text color or replace the title with your own custom logo
  • Text Colors – Change the text color, link color and hover color along with the page background color
  • Width – Set the width of your website
  • Additional CSS – Skilled enough to write your own CSS code? No problem just use the textarea in the customizer!

Fully Supported Editor Styles

Ever wondered why the editor isn’t always “what you see is what you get?” Pelham fully supports Editor Styles. The styling you see on the front-end of your website is the same styling you’ll see when editing content in the editor.


Responsive, Seamless and Clean Design



Want a One-column, or Two-column Layout?

Its understood that not everyone wants to be forced into a two-column layout. With Pelham’s responsive design changing from a one-column layout to a two-column layout is as easy as adding widgets.


Custom Page Not Found


Occasionally users land on your “Page Not Found” without engagement. Pelham channels users towards content you’ve added via your WordPress widgets.

Additional Features

Pelham supports: widget’s in the right sidebar, custom menu’s, featured images, threaded comments, post formats – quote, gallery, image, aside, link, chat, and is translation ready.