A WordPress Settings API Wrapper

Quilt & Lumber -- A WordPress settings API Wrapper.
Quilt & Lumber — A WordPress settings API Wrapper.

Some time ago I built a plugin with settings. I used the WordPress settings API. It was daunting, and repetitive. I built more plugins, which also had settings. As any developer, I was tired of doing repetitive tasks, and decided to write a wrapper for the WordPress settings API.

View the complete sample plugin on GitHub using Quilt & Lumber: A WordPress Settings API wrapper.

But, first a search…GitHub, and Google

A quick GitHub search for “WordPress settings” turned up a no longer supported WordPress settings API frame work. While a Google search resulted in a in a popular blog post, which I’ll summarize with a quote:

Even so, I don’t think creating wrappers, or writing frameworks on top of it are necessarily the best way to go about solving the problem, either. –Tom Mcfarlin

Meanwhile every popular WordPress plugin uses some form of custom settings wrapper. Be it Easy Digital Downloads (EDD), where all settings are assigned via an array, and then linked to a custom function form field callback.