5 Everyday Habits for Boosting Your Creativity

  1. Every day Journal Writing
    Simple, once a day, everyday, take the time out to write about something you saw that was creative. If you find yourself in a situation where nothing around stimulates your creativity, MOVE!
  2. Discipline Curiosity
    Write down 10 things you hate. Pick one item each day and force yourself to find something of interest within the item that you hate.
  3. Problem Framing Improvisation
    Write down interesting questions to interesting problems. Then everyday improve on the questions and not the answer.
  4. Deposites Positive Energy
    When you find an item that sparks your creativity energy, be it a song, quote from, magazine, etc. put it aside for the time being. Keeping this hidden gem of creative interest for a day you creative seems to be lacking. Pull out this item and see if that sparks your creative lighting storm.
  5. Avoid Creative Brain Drain
    If you find yourself sinking into acceptance, where you are not thinking or engaging in what you see, gather the strength to turn it off. The key is to be aware of your surroundings. Remember creativity can come anywhere you just have to be ready when it sparks.

c/o – M/I/S/C